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Track Project

track project
  • Why build an all-weather track?
    • Co-curricular activities provide many benefits to students. Students involved in activities are: less likely to be absent, less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol, more likely to graduate, more likely to go on to post-secondary education, more likely to become leaders in their communities. Track is the most accessible sport for the entire student body, and 30% of Troy High School students participate in track & field each year. These student-athletes deserve a place to train and to host home meets.
    • A track would also be used for Jr. High PE and elementary school activities to foster a lifelong love of fitness.
    • It would be available for community fitness use. An all-weather track is the perfect surface for exercise and rehabilitation.
    • Hosting sporting events brings people into the community which has a positive economic impact.
  • How's the track project getting funded?
    • An all-weather track is a significant expense, and a small school district like Troy cannot bear this expense on its own. The School District has partnered with the Troy Recreation District to provide a base of funds, and grants from the Troy Lions Club, the City of Troy, the Trojan Boosters, the Palouse Road Runners, and Northwest Farm Credit Services have provided significant additional funds. Generous lead donations from community members, local businesses, and other interested parties have taken the amount pledged to over ¾ of our goal, but we need help to raise the remaining amount.
    • We are asking the community to support this project, and have set up the following donation levels:
      • Bronze Donor - $150-$749 total donation ($50+/year for 3 years)
        Bronze donors will have their generous contribution recognized on permanent sign at the facility.
      • Silver Donor - $750-$2999 total donation ($250+/year for 3 years)
        Silver donors will have bronze level recognition plus a commemorative “Track Builder” plaque for your home or office.
      • Gold Donor - $3000+ total donation ($1000+/year for 3 years)
        Gold donors will have silver level recognition plus a lane, runway, or throwing ring named after you or your business.
    • This will be a phase project so the donations can be made over a 3-year period.
    • Donations to schools qualify for the Idaho Education Tax Credit, which offers an Idaho State Tax refund of 50% on monetary donations. Some restrictions apply, and everyone should do their own tax research or consult an accountant, but most who donate at one of the yearly levels should qualify for this credit.
  • Proposed Timeline
    • The project will be completed as funding allows, but the goal timeline is:
      • Summer 2019 – Drainage work and Asphalt
      • Summer 2020 – Running Surface and Fencing
      • Summer 2021 – Accessory Equipment
Thank you for your donation


City of Troy

Ed & Mandi Coulter

Palouse Road Runners

Spencer Family

Bryce & Mae Coulter

Trojan Boosters

Ridgeview Farms

 Umpqua Bank


 Curtis & Stacy Blum

Tim & Jennifer Halvorson

Northwest Farm Credit Services

Spence Hardware & Supply 

Seth Sjoholm

BlueSky Dental

Caudle Family

Deaton Family

Rachel Keane 

Jerry & Merle Jaques

Bill Thomson 

Kyle & Mary Nelson 

Logan & Danica Larson 

Andrew & Jessica Renfrow 

Erica Case

Hannah Thomas 

Jeremy & Lara Spencer

David & Louise Smith 

Troy Lions

Ty Konkright 

Gary Schlake 

PNS Point, LLC. 

Leanne Brocke

Nathan Cuvala

William Bredbner

Andrea Abbott

CHAS Health

Jacob Blazzard

Joel Bifford

Nelson Brothers

Latah Credit Union

Greg & Pam Mann

Ramirose Attebury

Robert & Jennifer Wilson

Joshua & Erin Clemm

Thomas & Heather Chamberlin

Pape' Machinery

Inland Cellular

Tom & Rhonda Case

Bruce & Rebecca Smith

Gladys E. Langroise Advised Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation