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Ramsdale Scholarship

The Edward Ramsdale Scholarship Fund was established as a gift from Edward Ramsdale to graduating students of Troy High School. The intention of Mr. Ramsdale was to offer financial assistance in the form of a scholarship to graduating seniors to help further their education and/or training.

The amount each student receives is contingent upon how many years they have attended Troy High School beginning with grade 8.

  • If you have attended THS for the previous 5 years, you will receive a full scholarship.
  • If you have attended THS for the previous 4 years, you receive 80% of the scholarship.
  • If you have attended THS for the previous 3 years, you receive 60% of the scholarship.
  • If you have attended THS for the previous 2 years, you receive 40% of the scholarship.
  • If this is your first and only year at THS, you will still receive 20% of the scholarship.

The Ramsdale Scholarship can be applied to any educational institution, and is not limited to Idaho. All scholarship monies will be sent directly to the secondary institution of your choice.

To receive the scholarship:

1. Complete the Application for Ramsdale Scholarship by the last day of February and return it to the counselor.

2. You will receive notification by mail in late spring of how much scholarship money you are eligible to receive.

3. Students must send a copy of their registration and bill from the institution to the Ramsdale Committee, in care of Troy High School for the scholarship to be sent. You can bring this documentation by Troy High School in person or send it to 101 Trojan Drive, Troy ID 83871, or email it to the current Superintendent. During the summer, you can send these directly to the District Office, PO Box 280, Troy, ID 83871

  • Students emailing documentation-Please ensure you are sending the documents in PDF format with the necessary information easily identifiable.

4. Once awarded, the full scholarship amount will be sent directly to the school of your choice. The scholarship will be broken into two (2) equal payments, with the first disbursement fall semester, and the second disbursement spring semester into your student account. Due date to submit your registration and bill for the fall semester is by September 30th and for the spring semester is by January 31st.

If you are not attending a 2- or 4-year institution (i.e. trade school), you are still able to receive the Ramsdale Scholarship. However, you must complete the program and bring proof of completion in order to receive the money.

Each semester the scholarship is requested, you must provide the Ramsdale Committee or the school counselor with documentation of attendance at school in order to release the funds. This can simply be a copy of the tuition bill.

By accepting the scholarship, you agree that if you begin college and withdraw from classes before the end of the term, or receive Ramsdale scholarship money you are not entitled to, you will repay the same amount of money to the Ramsdale Scholarship Fund. Subsequently, if you fail to register for the spring semester, the spring semester disbursement of funds will be refunded directly to the Ramsdale Scholarship Fund before it is commingled in your student account.

For former THS students who did not use their Ramsdale scholarship within the required two-year period, they have the opportunity to apply for the Edward Ramsdale Application to Request Previously Awards Funds or Edward Ramsdale Application for Scholarship Reimbursement.

Questions should be directed to the principal or school counselor at 208-835-2361. During the summer, contact the District Office at 208-835-3791.